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Unfortunately, professionally, I have not yet figured out what I want that to be. Any advice on figuring it all out? Not trying to take away from the excitement of your anniversary, I promise!

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You just have me thinking even more now about how I can move forward in making my own quest to lighten the load of others an even bigger reality! It feels like yesterday when everything got started here! And you are one of the few who have been here since the very beginning and I am VERY thankful for that. For example, my dream job is to travel all over the world speaking to audiences about how to make the world a more positive place at work, home, and every place in between. I hope that my example helped a little! Thanks as always for being a BIG part of the solution, my friend! Congratulations Shola!!!!

Philly, that is SO awesome to hear. Thank you for sharing that with me!

The Beginning of Everything

Thanks a lot, Shola! That serves to show me something I already believed in: everything and everyone is connected. Thanks Gustavo! Thanks for your comment! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, your words of guidance, truth, and positivity are invaluable. Thanks Michelle! You are so sweet to say such kind words, and believe me, they are deeply appreciated.

Thank YOU for being a part of the solution! I am so happy that you decided to take the plunge. I think that you are awesome. I feel blessed every day to have found what you are sharing. Spring, you have NO idea how surreal it is to read your comment! Hi Shola, thank you so much for this post. Rock it out my friend, you got this!

Thank you for creating this website. I love reading your articles. Please keep writing. Happy Anniversary, Shola!

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Thanks Maria! Thanks for being a star on Team Positivity—the world needs more of your awesomeness at work, home, and every place in between :. Being nice, for the win! Your writings are really insightful, touching and honest. I stumbled upon your site when I found your article about bullying.

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It was one of the most challenging periods of my life. I felt strengthened by reading what you wrote. Thank you for creating The Positivity Solution and sharing your incredible spirit and loving support with us all! You are the perfect example of someone who takes negativity and turns it into Positivity! Thanks Maxine! Thanks so much for the support and thanks for being a part of the solution! Happy Anniversary, Shola!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful inspiring wisdom with the world via the Positivity Solution!

I look forward to the blogposts every Monday. They put a smile on my face and in my heart! Blessings and peace to you! You are so sweet, thanks Kari!

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Congrats shola!!! I am a firm believer in the glass is half full and appreciative inquiry. Happy Anniversay. Good for you!

I am full of doubt, full of pain, full of if I could only go to sleep and never wake up. I was fired for being bullied. We are teachers trying to teach those children how to survive being bullied. Yet, this was the worst position in my life. Oh Katherine….. But please please please do not let those bullies steal your joy for life. Not for a minute. To a friend, doctor, spiritual advisor, therapist. You can do this. You are not alone.

Hurt, confused, bewildered, yes, but never alone.

The Beginning of Me

I mean this with my heart. Take gentle care of yourself dear. NO WAY. And yet that is what I did in March. Baldricks Foundation, for pediatric cancer research.

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I had quizzed friends about it, most thought I know that I was crazy, even for a good cause. Then something spiritual happened—God took over. My words flowed in emails, FB statuses, private messages. And before I had nearly begun, that goal was met. Over and over I kept raising it. And when I found out that amount was equal to half the summer tuition for a fellow to study with a pediatric oncologist specialist, I wept.

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I did this. And I will shave my head every year. Because really, my hair on my head is worth nothing. I think I just spoke enough for two minds but thank you for all your encouragement. The doubts are there but I defeat that by not thinking about myself and thinking about the kids. I'm a corporate trainer, incurable optimist, and writer who is committed to changing the world by helping as many people as possible to live and work more positively.

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Click on the "About" link on the main menu bar to get the full scoop on my story. Become part of The Solution! Enter your name and email below to get FREE articles sent to your inbox to help you work and live with more positivity. No spam, ever. I still remember that day clearly.