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When two whole individuals come together, life is easier as each is a self-sustaining organism that does not need to co-opt the other in order to feel they can psychologically survive and function.

How To Become Whole (Carl Jung & The Individuation Process)

Whole individuals are differentiated so they can make decisions from within, using an always-at-the-ready and sensitive inner compass. Then, after feeling into themselves, they can discuss and flexibly negotiate, as their psychological stability does not depend on dominating or passive compliance. There is ease within whole individuals as they have capacity for a natural love of their own life, can self-generate, take full responsibility and have capacity to love because they are not trapped in self-centered preoccupation.

The whole person can be generous yet have appropriate boundaries.

How Does It Work?

They can see another as they are rather than get lost in inaccurate projections projecting their inadequacies onto their mate or inflated fantasies. When individuals have not achieved a sense of inner wholeness, they are more likely to become overly dependent or defensively self-sufficient. The connection cannot be contactful, but is rather filled with anxiety as one or the other either cannot stand separately or cannot really connect deeply — both ways result in a lack of intimacy. Or one party needs the other to be sick, weak and dependent and that dynamic falsely bolsters the other in feeling the stronger and more competent one.

Or one partner does not act responsibly in the multitude of areas that make up a life thus causing the other to over-manage. Or partners manifest a myriad of defenses that they think they need for self-protection arrogance, avoidance, denial, checking-out, dishonesty, projections, to name a few that are destructive in relationship. I could go on about all the unhealthy ways individuals relate when they are not whole, but I would rather give some suggestions that promote better relationships.

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Always monitor your own behavior and feelings. Be aware of your reaction patterns and understand the root causes as best as possible. Do I react when I perceive feedback as criticism even if, in reality, I could take it in neutrally? Do I feel angry if I am not understood perfectly by the other? Do I need constant reassurance to lessen my anxiety as I am not able to soothe myself. Am I seeking validation from everyone, everywhere — including social media. Tornado , by Jonsi. Click "Buy Now" to purchase directly from Dr. Bruce Kehr. The questions at the end of each session are really insightful and allowed me to be really introspective in examining my life, and especially in determining whether or not to look into therapy for myself or my loved ones.

Age Robert M.

Post, M. Harry L. Leider, M.

Becoming Whole - A 7 Day Devotional

Leslie D. Francis Mas, M. Marcel G. Sieberer, M. Elizabeth Riggins age 22 College Student. Terry Vinston Age Kehr delivers on his promise to be a healing companion.

Healing as Becoming Whole Again

The book is destined to become a classic. I love the vivid, real cases in which we can find ourselves, and the step-by-step tactics to do something. My brain is on fire with new energy about what it means to be human. End Aloneness.

We realise that to ensure success our participants potential or actual must need our offering, we must be ahead of the curve, and our participants must gain something out of what we do. What these past few days have shown me, is that this is more than just nice to haves, they are imperative taking hard earned donations and transforming them into meaningful engagement.

Good News for Whole-Person Flourishing

Each of these markers are elements of finding wholeness, of making the lives of our participants more complete, complimenting their lives lived and developing them on their journey to their vision actualised. Or the professional development program from being a chore to tick off, to being something transformative. Or the Shabbat dinner from being something done by rote, to something that enhances bonds, rituals, and experience. Each of these need to be thought of as part of the whole, an integral piece of the puzzle that elevates the whole over the sum of the parts.

When we, as Jewish engagement professionals, offer a suite of products that at its centre, develops the notion of shleimut , of completeness, we will develop a holistic community that is elevated beyond our individual institutional goals.

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