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240 thoughts on “You Can’t Read This Article Si T’es Pas Bilingue.”

You should try to write something with three or four languages, wondering if it gets more challenging…. Perhaps one just needs to be reasonably intelligent to recognize the context, the same way you can learn new vocabulary words by reading them in your native tongue?

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Studies French, lived in France and was bilingual. Moved to Italy and settled there: became bilingual Italian-English. Loved reading the article because it was French that was dominant after all these years! We spoke both father from Montreal, mother from Alberta , lived in an English neighborhood and went to School in a French one. The rest of the people on our street only spoke English interspersed with Latvian, Polish and Hebrew and went to an English school around the corner. Things changes a bit after bill was voted. We were switching languages all the time — another German customer thought he was drunk because he understood only half the conversation.

Je parle trois langues comme almost all Mauritians. That really helps a lot. Je ne suis pas bilingual, mais a polyglot. Thank you beaucoup. Deutsche beer is besser als bier in the US. Thanks that was fun to read. British and Australian English line up with French here. Afaik only Americans uses center. I enjoyed to lire ton article! You can imagine. Je geniet van the pleasure to hablar cinque lingue. Merci mon cerveau, Dank je, thanks a lot, gracias locas, colosale ringrazi!

Now I can say that je connais cinq langues fluently.

Constitution de l'An XII - Empire - 28 floréal An XII

Que dire of persons qui parlent four langues ou plus. Pardon my French. I have, however, picked up a few basic words here and there, even in this text.

Mostly understood through guesswork or ear for language if you will ; the structure and content of the English text helped a lot, as well as the fact that several of the French words show up in quite a few other European languages too. I am British but went to a French school in France from the age of 9 so school was in French home was English. I read quicker in English than in French.

I find reading in French very laborious and too flowery! Poetry is better in French though! Language is a fascinating thing though! Tout le monde in my family parle by mixing up languages. Moi je suis Francophile. Growing up, I took so much pride in being French-English bilingual. My friends made fun of me in Jr high because I had a really strong FrancoAlbertan accent versus their very Parissiene style French Immersion accent.

I have had the pleasure of working in French at almost every job, but I also have a beautiful opportunity right now since I work for a global company based in Quebec. To every parent out there: enroll your child in French Immersion or at least a bilingual program and let them surprise you.

They will rise to the occasion and soar past your wildest dreams -but only if you let them. Je peux le faire en 5 langues! I enjoyed every word! That depends where tu te trouves. In America, maybe you will get un steak. I am bilingual, but English is not my mother tongue, and I dont speak French at all — and I was still able to read the article. Actually, the vast majority of people on the world is bilingual.

The influence of Brussels on the French spoken in Belgium

Mais il faut say that I learned each beaucoup after graduating. I also parle three other langues. Ikke sant? Je suis Mexican et mon native language is Spanish, mais I understood the whole text. Je appris English first when I was a teenager, then I learned French in my 40s.

Je suis better in anglais. I am Italian and my family is not bilingue. I started studying English at 7 y.

Géographie des langues en Suisse

Reading this article I sincerely do not know exactly in which language I was thinking more, maybe a little bit more in English but only because in the last years, together with Spanish, is the language I use more. It is really fun to be trilingual and be able to read a language you hardly know combined with a language you know to understand ithe text completely.

Yes, what is it that a brain can understand it without any difficulties? Real fun to read. Thank you! I also mix Arabe avec. It is amazing de pouvoir speak more then une langue dans une seule conversation and conveying clairement what do you want to say. It is amazing de pouvoir speak more then une langue dans une seule conversation and convey clairement what do you want to say. Quand I was read it, automatiquement I could switch les deux langues. I will share it avec mes amis of course.

Bravo the person qui made it. My first language is spanish and my second language is English. I parle Anglais sans me soucier de faire a lot of faults of conjugaison. Pas du tout! I am fluent in les deux mais I prefere lire French? Thank you for this entertainment. Just amazing.

Really enjoyed it, and would love to see it in other languages, or something similar, too.

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I felt so clever easily reading this. As a middle aged adult I moved to France for a few years and took classes to learn French. I must admit, I was lazy and never did become completely fluent but I immersed in it enough to pick up the basics. When I read the article, I instantly translated the French to English. How fun! I shared the article with my French teacher daughter who is going to share it with her adult students.

Présentation de la Suisse

Native Ukrainian, studied English at school and French at university. Mostly use English, Ukrainian, Russian. Being bilingual makes everything plus facile. Great article I love it, I wish I was a nerd mais non not true! I did feel clever reading this article, it actually made me like reading…. Every day we are required to switch between these 4 languages constantly.

Canton de Montereau-Fault-Yonne — Wikipédia

I, personally, opted out of learning a fifth language at school and with that I am at the shallow end of language knowledge … maybe I should consider moving to a different country … LOL! I am French, born in France. My parents were both French. None of them were good in English I learned English at school and was very bad until the age of 14 when i fell in love with an American Guy. I decided to learn English for him. Reading this text made me realize that i focused more on English parts than on French parts.

I should normally be more fluent in French and i believe i am but with this text i feel more comfortable with the English parts. I am bilingual now for sure but i think i had never fully realized at which point until today. I read the full article and understood everything , just opening my mind and reading without translating , amazing! So fun to read!

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  6. I also speak Dutch and am currently learning Spanish as my fifth language. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article.